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The African Digital Library®  allows free access to anyone living in Africa. Please go ahead and register free of charge to use the library if you live in Africa.

How to Register and Use the Library:

Register to use the library FREE!

Use the library

To apply for free registration with the African Digital Library, click here or send an email.  If the library is able to correctly determine that you are in Africa, you will be presented with an application form to register free of charge. Once you have registered, you may enter the library at any time by going directly to "Use the Library" and entering your username and password or using the link buttons above.

Remember: You need to login using your username and password each time you want to use the library. Write down your username and password - you will need it every time you use the library!

If you are not on the African continent, the library is not available to you free of charge.

Other useful links:

Other online Libraries can be found by using the link in the Navigation bar on the main page of AfricaEducation. Many of these libraries require membership fees to be paid.



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